In the rapidly evolving world of transportation, safety is paramount. The need for advanced onboard video solutions that go beyond traditional security measures has become increasingly important as they evolve to become more of a Safety and accident preventive tool. Stortech is emerging as a pioneer in this field, offering a comprehensive range of solutions that provide improved safety while enhancing the overall transport/passenger experience. In this article, Stortech emphasises the importance of creating a vision for a safer future on the road.

Creating a Vision for Safety

In today’s world, onboard video systems are more than just surveillance tools; they are integral components of broader solutions designed to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, and the vehicles themselves. Stortech’s approach goes beyond security; as it focuses on safety, by reducing the potential for accidents and casualties in and around the vehicle space.

360-Degree View for Enhanced Safety

One of the standout features of Stortech’s onboard video solutions is the technology where the camera system provides a full birds eye like 360-degree view of the bus in a single image. This comprehensive view is divided into zones, each represented by a colour – green (Safe, but be aware), orange (Beware, action may be needed), and red (Potential danger immediate action needed). For instance, if a car is travelling at 60 mph and is 50 yards in front of the bus, and then slows and falls into the green zone, the technology will signal the driver to slow down, reducing the risk of collision.

E-Mirrors: A Fuel-Efficient Revolution

Stortech’s innovation doesn’t stop at advanced camera technology. They have also introduce E-mirrors. This is a solution that replaces traditional wing mirrors with 12″ monitors inside the vehicle and a dual camera outside.  You may have noticed a few of these wing-mirror-less lorries on the road already. These monitors display dual images from each side of the vehicle, along the side as well as looking down and around the cab doors, helping eliminating blind spots. The environmental benefits of this are also substantial, the reduction in drag from losing the wing mirrors can save 5-15% of fuel, a fact confirmed by Volvo. Additionally, E-mirrors are equipped to handle a 24/7 environment and adverse weather conditions, such as dark nights, thanks to their built-in illumination feature.

DMS: Enhancing Driver Safety

Stortech’s onboard video solutions extend beyond mere camera systems. Their DMS (Driver Monitoring System) sits on the vehicle’s dashboard, monitoring the driver and preventing distractions. It issues audible warnings for mobile phone use, smoking, not wearing a seatbelt, or a mask, or falling asleep. This not only ensures the safety of the driver but also provides invaluable video evidence that can exonerate the driver in case of an accident, protecting both passengers and other road users.

PSS: The Progressive Safe System

The future of public service safety is here, and Stortech is leading the way with its solutions that assist companies to meet their Progressive Safe System (PSS) requirements. Starting October 28, 2024, compliance with PSS will be compulsory for HGVs over 12 tonnes operating in Greater London & is likely to  roll out into more built-up areas as time passes. This legislation mandates a minimum of 3 stars for vehicle safety rules, and it’s essential for transport companies to start preparing for this change now and to work towards the zero deaths goal that Transport for London is aiming to achieve. Read more about the Direct Vision Standard legislation.

Stortech has set the standard for onboard video solutions that prioritise safety in the modern world of transportation. Their range of products and systems not only protect drivers and passengers but also enhance overall road safety. By investing in Stortech’s transport safety & security solutions, you not only comply with upcoming regulations but also contribute to a safer and more efficient transport ecosystem.

For further information and to discuss the best CCTV camera solutions for your transport needs, don’t hesitate to contact the expert team at Stortech. They are your go-to supplier for onboard video solutions, and they are committed to providing the support you need for your journey towards enhanced safety and compliance with the Progressive Safe System (PSS).

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