Environmental Policy

Stortech Electronics Limited are committed to ongoing environmental improvements and the prevention of pollution. To achieve these commitments, Stortech Electronics Ltd have established the following environmental objectives.

To comply with environmental legislation and regulations, and continually review how our activities impact on the environment, changing legislation and best practice where necessary.

To deal with suppliers who are environmentally responsible in their business activities and who are committed to continued improvements for the benefit of the environment.

To reduce energy consumption.

To encourage the use of recycling wherever possible.

To reduce waste and ensure that it is disposed of in accordance with current legislation and does no harm to the environment.

To encourage staff participation in measures to promote and improve environmental issues.


REACH Policy

Stortech Electronics Ltd are a responsible supplier to many major manufacturing customers.

Stortech Electronics Ltd are fully aware of the requirements of REACH and have identified their roles and obligations to the best of their knowledge.
The organisation confirms that they understand their obligations under REACH in their roles as either distributor or importer of articles.
The organisation is located inside the EU.

For suppliers located within the EU we are acting as a distributor and therefore those suppliers have to fulfill the obligations identified by REACH.
For suppliers located outside of the EU we are acting as an importer with all obligations relevant to Stortech Electronics Ltd.

The organisation has not pre-registered, nor intend to register any substances. Stortech Electronics Ltd do not sell any articles containing any substances that are intended to be released at any time. Therefore pre-registration or registration is not required.
Stortech Electronics Ltd are in contact with all suppliers, either located inside or outside of the EU, in order to obtain full and correct information on the status of all articles and to ensure the availability of those articles in the future.
The duty to inform our customers about certain substances in articles as indicated in the REACH Directive and SVHC Candidate List covers only those substances listed in the formal Candidate List which was published on 28 October 2008 (and thereafter) and only if they are present at 0.1% or greater than this amount. The requirement to report commenced from that date to articles supplied to our customers after that date.
The organisation will monitor all further obligations with regards to Annex XIV and SHVC and will advise accordingly.


WEEE Policy

Within the European Union, Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is now subject to regulation designed to reduce the amount going to landfill and increase the amount being recycled.

The EU Directive 2002/96/EC on WEEE requires that producers of electronic equipment be responsible for the end-of-life collection, treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) put on the EU market after 13 August 2005. The Directive was transposed in to UK law at the start of 2007 and as a producer, Stortech Electronics and each relevant trading Division endeavour to meet these environmental responsibilities for managing WEEE.

WEEE registration detail

Producer Registration Numbers – WEE/KE0070TY

For WEEE enquiries, please email sales@stortech.co.uk


Compliance Schemes

Stortech Electronics Ltd are a member of the following compliance schemes:

WEEE Directive – WEE/KE0070TY
Packaging Regulations – Reg No BP1469
Batteries Directive – Reg No BPRN00526

Stortech are able to supply Alkaline, Lithium, Ni-Mh (Nickel Metal Hydride), Sealed Lead Acid, Zinc Chloride, and Ni-Cad (Nickel Cadmium) batteries. As a supplier of industrial batteries under the Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009, we are obliged to take back free of charge, waste industrial batteries supplied to an end user for treatment and recycling. We are required to do this in any calendar year we place new industrial batteries on the market. If any of our customers or in certain cases other end users, require us to take back Industrial batteries, they should email us at sales@stortech.co.uk We will agree the necessary arrangements for the return, proper treatment and recycling of the waste industrial batteries.